Daily Morning Mindfulness Meditation

Speaker(s): Siri Surrell BMSc

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Level։ beginner

About live session

Daily Morning POWER Meditation LIVE ONLINE

No experience required.
Daily 5:20 to 5:55 am Eastern
Sitting in your power intro - 5:20-5:30 am
Affirmations - gratitude peace prosperity power - 5:30-5:45 am
Sitting in your power outro - 5:45-5:50 am
Closure Q&A - 5:55 am

- Sitting in your power is a guided meditation for you to connect to source and blend your energy to your higher still.
- I AM Affirmations will be presented for participants to chant along and you may stay in your vortex to continue to receive guidance after the session.

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What you'll learn

The act of meditating causes the pituitary gland in your brain to secrete endorphins. We know about endorphins. They make us feel good, emotionally and physically. Meditation also enhances activity in the area of your brain that’s associated with positive emotions and experiences.

Set your day with positive intentions and experience how making this a part of your daily or regular self-care can benefit you!

• Find inner peace, calm, balance & clarity
• Reduce pain and stress enhancing your own immune system
• Increase blood flow, energy and slows heart rate
• Reverse heart disease and asthma
• Boost memory, sense of well-being, focus, attention & intention
• Reduce depression, insomnia, anger & anxiety
• Revive, Rejuvenate, Renew and transform your life!

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Included lessons


Siri Surrell BMSc

Siri Surrell B.MSc

A Born Mystic, Evidential Medium, Author, Coach, Quantum Touch Energy Healer, Energy Alchemist and Channeller of Divine Beings.