ArchAngels - Foundation

Duration 2 h 32 m 5 s


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ArchAngels - Foundation

About Course

This course will cover the history and basic knowledge of ArchAngels. By the end of this module you will be able to:


  •        Summarize the History of ArchAngels
  •        Understand the purpose of ArchAngels towards God and humanity
  •        Describe the primary ArchAngels and additional listed ArchAngels
  •        Explain how to invoke each ArchAngel by prayer and spoken word for assistance
  •        Understanding ArchAngels appearance, symbols, color, day and other metaphysical properties
  •        ArchAngel Protection Invocation
  •        Opening your Divine Presence through your heart space
  •        Understanding, clearing, cleaning and activating your Heart Chakra

Course content

videoIntroduction49 s
videoHistory2 m 12 s Start
videoHistory Religions1 h 51 m 45 s Start
videoArchAngel Hierarchy2 m 12 s Start
videoRelation to Source and Humanity Start
videoRelation to Source and Humanity2 m 12 s Start
video7 ArchAngels2 m 12 s Start
videoPrimary 4 ArchAngels Start
videoPrimary 4 ArchAngel2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Uriel2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Michael2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Raphael2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Gabriel2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Protection Invocation2 m 12 s Start
videoGuided Meditation - Energy Cleanse, Protection & Shielding13 m 7 s Start
videoCleansing, Clearing & Activating your Heart Chakra2 m 12 s Start
videoOutro2 m 12 s Start

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Siri Surrell BMSc

Siri Surrell BMSc

Metaphysical Teacher/Minister

Course Instructor

Siri Surrell B.MSc

A Born Mystic, Evidential Medium, Author, Coach, Quantum Touch Energy Healer, Energy Alchemist and Channeller of Divine Beings.