ArchAngels - Foundation

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ArchAngels - Foundation

About Course

Are you interested in learning about archangels? This video course is the perfect way to start. It covers the basics of understanding archangels, their purpose, and how to communicate with them.

This course provides an overview of the basics of archangelology, including the different types of archangels, their roles, and their symbols. It also covers topics such as how to invoke the archangels, what kinds of prayers and rituals to use, and how to work with the archangels to manifest your intentions.

You will learn how to use the energies of the archangels to create positive change in your life. You will gain insight into how to trust your intuition and build a connection to the divine. Through this course, you will gain access to powerful tools and practices to help you manifest your dreams and desires. Archangels 101 is the perfect course to get you on the right track in your journey with archangels.

This course will cover the history and basic knowledge of ArchAngels. By the end of this module you will be able to:


  •        Summarize the History of ArchAngels
  •        Understand the purpose of ArchAngels towards God and humanity
  •        Describe the primary ArchAngels and additional listed ArchAngels
  •        Explain how to invoke each ArchAngel by prayer and spoken word for assistance
  •        Understanding ArchAngels appearance, symbols, color, day and other metaphysical properties
  •        ArchAngel Protection Invocation
  •        Opening your Divine Presence through your heart space
  •        Understanding, clearing, cleaning and activating your Heart Chakra

Course content

videoIntroduction49 s
videoHistory2 m 12 s Start
videoHistory Religions1 h 51 m 45 s Start
videoArchAngel Hierarchy2 m 12 s Start
videoRelation to Source and Humanity Start
videoRelation to Source and Humanity2 m 12 s Start
video7 ArchAngels2 m 12 s Start
videoPrimary 4 ArchAngels Start
videoPrimary 4 ArchAngel2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Uriel2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Michael2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Raphael2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Gabriel2 m 12 s Start
videoArchAngel Protection Invocation2 m 12 s Start
videoGuided Meditation - Energy Cleanse, Protection & Shielding13 m 7 s Start
videoCleansing, Clearing & Activating your Heart Chakra2 m 12 s Start
videoOutro2 m 12 s Start

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Siri Surrell BMSc

Siri Surrell BMSc

Metaphysical Teacher/Minister

Course Instructor

Siri Surrell B.MSc

A Born Mystic, Evidential Medium, Author, Coach, Quantum Touch Energy Healer, Energy Alchemist and Channeller of Divine Beings.